10 Ideas for Rose Bouquets

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The classic floral symbol of love, the rose, is making a comeback. However, think beyond the standard long stem red rose and branch out into the wide world of color and style this versatile flower provides.

Classic White

These creamy roses with a hint of peach are lovely against a white gown. The accents of smaller white flowers with little jewels in the center bring an extra sparkle. Photo by Michael Cirelli and flowers by Debra Schefer Events. See the real wedding here, which featured rose details throughout.

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Loose Bouquets

Instead of the more traditional tightly tied bouquet, consider a much "wilder" approach. Though still carefully arranged, these loose and overflowing bouquets channel the look of a just picked wild flowers.

Herb, Succulent and Other Non-Floral Bouquets

Look beyond flowers. Greens, herbs, succulents and other non-blooming or floral plants are just as gorgeous. Here are a few examples.

Flowers 101

We'll teach you a few flower names - and show you some stunning bouquets - to help guide you when the time comes to work with a florist.

Cascade bouquets are back

The latest trends in flowers includes cascade bouquets, loose bouquets and big blooms
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