Cascade bouquets are back

The latest trends in flowers includes cascade bouquets, loose bouquets and big blooms

From Paisley Floral Design Studio in Manchester

Flower Cascade
The classic cascade bouquet is making something of a comeback. Though the tight, hand-tied bouquet still reigns, these big bouquets with flowers that are seemingly spilling out of the bride’s hands are gaining ground.

The Natural Look
Even more popular than the full cascade are looser-looking bouquets that, while carefully arranged, still maintain the “natural” look of just-picked wildflowers. Florists are beginning to add non-floral touches such as herbs, eucalyptus greens, succulents and a large variety of seasonal greens to achieve this style.

The big, soft, ruffled tree peony undeniably remains a solid favorite. Tree peonies have stronger stems than their bush cousins, meaning bigger blooms. The garden rose, which looks very similar to a peony, is a close second. They are also usually available when peonies are out of season. The best season for peonies is early spring while garden roses are typically available all year.

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