Macarons are tres chic (and delicious!)

Check out Moochie's Macarons

It used to be you’d have to cross the Atlantic to get a macaron, the delicate meringue-based confection the French are crazy about. But now they’re here and quickly becoming the hot new thing for weddings.

Problem is, places to get them are few and far between. “Macarons are harder to find than a Parisian woman in sweatpants,” says Nina DiBona Pauk. So Nina, a registered dietician, decided she’d give making them a try. After many batches, she finally mastered the technique — well enough she’s started a business, Moochie’s Macarons (, to sell them.

She says brides use macarons (not to be confused with macaroons, a coconut-y cookie) on their dessert table, as favors or as a base for table assignment cards. They come in lots of flavors — pistachio, Belgian chocolate ganache and espresso to name a few. Nina will customize the colors to fit the wedding at no extra charge.

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