Toast the Summer with Rosé

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Big news: rosé wine is no longer just for sorority girls or '80s beach parties. The much-maligned pink vino is back in style, and it's the perfect drink for a sunny summer wedding. Rosé is refreshing, unexpected, and — luckily for us here on the East Coast — goes great with seafood. The famous wine regions of the world and a crop of hip independent producers are all churning out top-notch rosé these days, so now is the time to delve into this newly popular market. Quality products and a series of street-smart marketing campaigns (#HamptonsGatorade, anyone?) ensure that, these days, rosé is the trendiest drink around. 

If you're ready to take the plunge on pink for your wedding, then here are some ideas for where to source your not quite red, not quite white beverage.

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