10 Wedding Makeup Tips from NH's Celebrity Makeup Artist

Create your ideal look

The day has arrived and you’re finally putting on the finishing touches — hair and makeup. When it comes to striking the perfect balance of beautiful yet subtle makeup that leaves you still looking like you, makeup artist and entrepreneur Kriss Soterion, owner of Kriss Cosmetics in Manchester, has the know-how to create your ideal look.

As CNN’s chief of makeup for special events, Soterion has traveled the country making TV personalities and politicians — including Hillary Clinton and the past five presidents — look like the stars.

And she’s also kept stars looking glamorous — from Ben Affleck to P Diddy and Bono, Soterion has spent a career making people look their best for the camera, and now she’s bringing that same star power to New Hampshire brides.

Whether you’ve decided to pick up the brushes and do your own makeup, or you’re hiring a makeup artist, Soterion offers 10 tips to take you from planning your look to making it through the ceremony and reception, all while looking your absolute best.

  1. “Take time to personalize your makeup,” says Soterion. She recommends flipping through magazines to find inspiration for your look. Then start planning. “Put as much time into your makeup design as you do planning every other detail,” she adds. Decide how you want to look — natural, sophisticated or glamorous.
  2. If you are hiring a makeup artist, make sure it’s someone you trust and like. “Take the time to consult with your artist,” advises Soterion. “Plan and see the makeup on and make sure you are totally comfortable and pleased.” She adds that if you aren’t happy with the results, speak up. After all, it’s your face and your day.
  3. Don’t be afraid to apply more makeup than you normally would. Chances are you’re getting ready hours before the ceremony. By the time you face the camera lens everything will look perfect.
  4. Overdo the mascara to really open your eyes and create drama for the camera.
  5. Head to the spa about a week before the wedding. Exfoliating facials and any hair removal and eyebrow sculpting are best done at this time.
  6. Skip excessive tanning. “Over-tanning creates too much contrast with a white dress and does not look flattering in photographs,” says Soterion. Instead, “warm your skin with tanning powder by defining cheekbones first, then using the residue from the brush to sun kiss your forehead, nose, chin and chest,” she adds.
  7. Next, add color to your cheeks. “Loose mineral blush with glow is the perfect addition to bronzing powder. Add to your apples and brow bone for color, glow and lift.”
  8. For the eyes, Soterion recommends using a mix of textures. “Keep your lid light with a shimmer highlight and combine with a matte shadow in brown or charcoal depending on how smoky you want your eyes to look.”
  9. Even if you don’t normally use lip liner, use it now. Apply lipstick with a brush since the less product you use, the longer it will stay. Finish with gloss.
  10. And, finally, create a touch-up kit (Soterion’s is pictured at right) with items that can easily fit into a clutch or purse to help you stay fresh all day long.
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