5 Details Not to Forget

When it comes to wedding planning, there are some small details — remembering the rings on the day of, for example — that you definitely don't want to forget. But what about the less crucial things?

Remembering the things that other people would forget can elevate your wedding from great to unforgettable. Focus on the little things that will make the day better for everyone (color-coordinated pashminas for unexpectedly chilly nights, anyone?), and your big day will be a serious contender for wedding of the year.

The five bright ideas in this piece — and their accompanying photos — come courtesy of real-life nuptials planned over the years by Seacoast-based Malloy Weddings.


1. Pre-Ceremony Sips and Snacks

Whether you have multiple bus trips to get your guests to the ceremony or you just want to lighten the mood pre-nuptials, consider offering a simple cocktail like prosecco with lavender or vodka with lemonade and mint. A non-alcoholic beverage like sparkling water with cucumber is another good option. 

If you're going to offer alcohol, make sure you also have something small to snack on. Simple one-bite options are best as people will have wedding gifts, purses, and will want to keep nice and clean before the wedding starts.


2. Above-and-Beyond Food Signage

left: photo by stacey kane. right: photo by ned jackson.

Many people create menus for their dinner and bar options, but why stop there? Go the extra mile and include signage for your passed appetizers, hors d'oeuvre stations, and your dessert display.  Not only does this make it easier for the catering staff to serve and guests to enjoy everything, but it also helps relieve the stress of being a guest with dietary restrictions at a wedding.


3. Boredom Busters

photo by emilie inc.

Your guests will have plenty to during the ceremony and during the dinner-drinks-and-dancing stage of the reception, but there will be some lulls in your day. Give your loved ones something to do during cocktail hour or even before the ceremony or during the reception that isn't imbibing, small-talking, or busting a move.

Hands-on activities can be a great way to bring people together who might not know each other. Try classic games like cornhole, lawn golf, or bocce, or, for an unexpected option, host a cigar bar.


4. Weather Prep

Help your guests be prepared for the weather. If you're having an outdoor ceremony, you are at the whim of the elements. It may be swelteringly hot out, chilly to the bone, or raining, or even snowing! Look at the weather report 3-4 days before your wedding to get an accurate idea of what's coming your way in the skies, and offer your guests some temporary solutions such as a parasol to keep the sun away, hand fans for hot weather, umbrellas to get from the ceremony to the reception, or even pashminas if the fall air is a bit too chilly.


5. Less-Than-Obvious Lighting

left: photo by stacey kane. right: photo by brea mcdonald photography

You've probably spent hours picking out the paper lanterns for your reception tent and plotting out the best photo lighting at your ceremony venue, but the areas you don't think about deserve some lighting love, too. People often don't think about how guests are going to find their way to the restroom or back to their cars at the end of the night. Adding walkway lighting is a great way to help keep people safe and to add an element of ambiance to the area beyond your wedding reception.

LEDs uplighting the trees, shepherd hooks holding glass lanterns, luminaria bags, and even tiki torches can all be used to create light sources for the far corners of your event space.

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