How We Met: Mary and Jeremy Collins

Meet Newmarket couple Mary and Jeremy Collins

Every couple has a unique story about how they met and came to be. Mary 30, and Jeremy Collins 31, met each other on the early 2000s crave, MYSPACE. The pair quickly realized that they definitely knew each other, they just couldn’t figure out how. After Jeremy’s message to Mary “I feel like we should know each other,” the pair realized they went to the same high school, Jeremy just one grade above Mary, after piecing together all of their mutual friends.

After messaging each other on AOL Instant Messenger for a while, Mary and Jeremy decided to meet up in person. They arranged to meet at a park-and-ride and the pair drove to the Bullmoose. Both avid DVD lovers, Mary informed Jeremy that he must buy the movie “Amelie,” Mary’s favorite. After their date, they went back to Jeremy’s parents’ house where they watched the movie, and talked for hours. A nervous Mary drove home smitten.

After their first date, there was a second date less than a week later. Keeping it very casual, their first few hangouts were in a large group with Jeremy’s friends, whom Mary adored. Both Jeremy and Mary agreed that although attraction was there, it was not love at first sight. “We were definitely into each other,” says Mary, “but it was a strong friendship that developed first and then we grew into the love part of it. We were both just coming out of serious relationships and vowed not to get into another one for a while. We both were trying to be guarded … but we eventually couldn’t resist.”

Although Mary was a little bit hesitant at first, she grew to take an interest in Jeremy. “I immediately thought ‘he’s not my type,’” says Mary. “It sounds terrible, but I was so used to dating the stereotypical musician that his backwards baseball cap confused me. He was into the Red Sox - guys I liked did NOT like sports, but I couldn’t stop staring at his eyes… when I could … I was so shy it was hard to look into them.” After about a month and a half, Jeremy suggested the couple make it “official” online.

Their first kiss was a modest but special one. “Our first kiss was in his bedroom, at his parent’s house,” says Mary. “We had been cuddling watching a movie when he went in to tickle me and then planted a kiss right on me after I laughed. We had hung out a few times before and had moments where he would drop me off at my house - I’d anxiously await a kiss - but we’d just stare at each other awkwardly until I got out of the car. It felt amazing. I’m pretty sure afterwards I said, ‘Finally!’”

Mary finds Jeremy’s eyes to be the most attractive aspect of him. “They still make my knees a little shaky,” says Mary. She also noted that the way Jeremy makes Mary laugh every single day is what keeps her falling in love with him over and over again.

The couple lived together for seven years before Jeremy proposed, and getting married was just their way of announcing “Hey! We are crazy about each other! And will be forever!” says Mary. Both Mary and Jeremy’s family liked one another, and apparently, Mary’s younger sister took a special care - by interrogating him Jeremy - in an effort to protect Mary. Since then, her family has always liked Jeremy, and they love him as if he was their own.

Mary’s favorite part about her wedding was when the DJ played their last song, “Love, Love, Love” by As Tall As Lions. Dancing in the middle of their friends and family as they circled around Mary and Jeremy was a moment they’ll cherish forever. “Seeing them all swaying to our song, supporting our love, it was magical, and I’ll never forget it,” says Mary.

The couple’s favorite part about being married is having someone to go through life with, seeing each other grow and change, watching them thrive and being there for the ups and downs. Having a hand to hold comes with being married to your best friend, and being able to just look at them and know they are thinking the same thought as you are, all qualities Mary and Jeremy cherish in one another.

Since Mary and Jeremy both own their own businesses, there is always something to be worked on or improved. As Jeremy can be a bit of a workaholic, he has taken steps to back away from work all of the time, and takes breaks to time to enjoy his life and grab a few seconds to pause and reflect, something Mary applauds him for.

The two currently live in Newmarket with their precious 7-month-old daughter, Daisy. Both Jeremy and Mary agree that if they were able to live another life, they would, without question, pick each other again. “One hundred times, yes!” says Mary. “We both say we feel bad for people who don’t love each other the way we do. We are each other’s best friend. We laugh every day, we talk about everything and we work together on our goals. Most importantly, we just love the other person for the person that they are, the person they’ve become. We’re so lucky to have a love like this and we’re super grateful for it every day.”

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