Vendor Profile: Emily Herzig Floral Studio

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NHMB: Do you design the floral scheme for your brides from scratch, or do you prefer that they come to you with specific ideas of what they want?

EH: I am surprised when potential clients profess they do not care about flowers and do not have favorites in mind. It makes me a little sad actually! But I find that all people really do have ideas of what they like when asked the right questions. I always encourage my clients to share inspirational concepts, and I welcome their input throughout the planning process. I am excited to provide education and insight on seasonal choices, and am most excited when I do get to surprise my clients with things they have never seen. I promise after working with me you will know and love flowers more than before!

NHMB: Anything else we should know?

EH: I love collaborating with other vendors and designing with people who are passionate about life, art, and nature.

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