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NHMB: How would you describe your style of photography?

SVM: I started out as a photojournalist right out of high school working for a newspaper in Cleveland, Ohio, so that really influenced my style. I found out how to blend in and move around to get the most interesting angles and stories.

After that, I moved to San Diego, California, where I contacted a husband and wife wedding photography team that were two of the most sought after wedding photojournalists in the area and began working alongside them. During my years with them, I learned a great deal about how to run a successful wedding business as well as how to photograph weddings in such a way that a full story comes to life when the couples look through their album.

That isn’t to say that I don’t do the family formal photos or capture details. I definitely do; they just aren’t my main focus. I found my strength lies in telling visual stories that allow couples to feel as if they can relive the day anytime they want by looking at the images I created. I always want to tell a story that’s true to them and true to their unique celebration.

I also love to take time to slow down with my clients after they have said their vows and capture photos of just the two of them being completely head over heels in love, so I have a little bit of a fine art style mixed in as well. Getting emotionally beautiful photos that tie the wedding day surroundings into their images is a passion of mine — my couples tend to get married in the coolest places!

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