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NHMB: What’s your all-time favorite moment or the wackiest moment you’ve encountered while shooting a wedding?

SVM: One of my couples was really into WWE wrestling – like, really into it. Their passion happened accidentally when flipping through the channels one night at the start of their relationship and not finding anything to watch...except wrestling. So what started out as a joke became the real deal, and they went the whole nine yards and would attend live shows and speculate about where story lines were heading and all of that good stuff.

So when the wedding day does roll around, they don’t want to have the wedding party be announced like normal, they want them to be announced like WWE stars! So the house lights went down, searchlight-style lights scattered around the walls, and each pair were announced into the room through a gold tinsel curtain clad in outfits that matched the different characters they were pretending to be. It was so them and so awesome!

And [this is] maybe not so “wacky,” but I do get adventurous couples who do things like get married on a small sailboat out to sea (with just me and three other witnesses) where we dropped anchor, recorded the latitude and longitude for posterity and took wild pictures with the wind whipping through their hair and the ocean salt on their skin.

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