Bridal Hair Trend: Braids

Braids are back in fashion


Braid hairstyles: The Wingate Salon & Spa
Photoshoot direction: Hair Team Leader Adriana Scott
Makeup: Natasha Whitnell
Models: Tanya Furtardo, Briana Lancaster and Hannah Carbonneau
Photographer: Susan Laughlin

Not only are braids back, they’re big as a bridal hairstyle. We asked the folks at The Wingate Salon & Spa to show us some of the trendiest.


Soft and Sophisticated

This waterfall braid is done on each side of the head with the hair tightly pinned back on the sides. Small flowers accent the design. Hair by Kelly Caruso

Très Beau 

A French Fishtail Braid starts at top center of the head. Once the braid is complete, the tail is tucked underneath, giving an illusion of a bun. Perfect for a headband or accessory. Hair by Courtney Elliot

Pretty with Pearl

An Inverted French Braid begins on top right side and goes to the other side by the ear, where it’s braided the other way. The tail of the braid is pinned up. Hair by Kiki Frudakis

Elegantly Romantic 

Here the hair is rope braided on both sides of the head and gathered to ponytail off to the side. A strand of hair is wrapped around the ponytail to hide the elastic or pin. Hair by Courtney Elliot



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