Bridal Style – A Few New Ideas

A Remedy for Fading Flowers Alison Vernon of Little Brook Gallery in New London has found a solution to wilting wedding bouquets; keep the memory fresh by having a painting made of your bouquet. “I think a painting captures such a special memory,” she says. “And a painting can be passed down through the generations so one day the bride’s grandchildren can look at it and wonder about that special day.”Alison is an established professional artist who paints solely with palette knives so the flowers are textural and vibrant. Her paintings come in wide elegant frames. www.alisonvernon.comOld Becomes New
The hat box — it’s an old-fashioned item that today’s brides are using in fun new ways. Fill a small one with chocolates and it becomes a favor, says Deborah Mills, owner of Sarah’s Hat Boxes in Hancock. Use them for bridesmaids’ gifts, to hold your cards or as a base for your reception table centerpiece. They’re handmade from recycled chip board. The fabric — Bengaline moiré that comes in 130 colors — is glued on with non-toxic, odorless glue. No two are ever the same. www.sarahshatboxes.comGive Your Feet (And Your Guests’) A TreatWorried about how you’re going to dance the night away in your not-so-comfortable heels? You can be sure your bridesmaids and guests are thinking about that, too. Here’s the answer — oh-so-comfortable flip flops. The Flip-Flop Valet, offered by Kate Parker Weddings, provides the stylish footwear for both women and men in a variety of sizes and nine different colors — white, black, brown, pink, green, orange, red, aqua and navy blue. Perfect for outdoor weddings, especially beach weddings.