Cake Inscriptions

It could be your wedding vows, favorite song lyrics or Shakespearean sonnet

“Mine eye hath play’d the painter and hath steel’d thy beauty’s form in table of my heart” — that’s how the romantic Shakespearean sonnet inscribed on this cake begins. The sentiments of the sonnet were meaningful enough to the couple to have them be a prominent part of their wedding.

“Cakes with inscriptions are very popular this year,” says Tami Despres, pastry chef at Jacques Fine European Pastries in Suncook. “A lot of couples put the words of their vows on the cake or the lyrics from their favorite song.”

Despres says the (carefully planned) writing is done with edible gold, usually on fondant icing rather than the softer buttercream. That way you can get a sharper image. “It’s really striking,” she says. “So pretty.”



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