Photo Centerpieces

We didn't want to spend money on flowers so we chose to decorate the venue with photos of our history together, families and friends.

Café Lights

Strings of café lights are an easy way to set the mood and make a room glow.

How Much Do You Tip?

Yes, you're paying all these people, but gratuities are good etiquette and, in some cases, are already built into the costs.

Why You Need a Photographer

Just because you can apply Instagram filters does not mean that you're a professional. Here are 10 reasons why you should hire a good photographer

Crowd Sourcing Photos

Not everyone is on board with guests using social media at weddings, but I say use today's tools to help capture - and store - candid moments.

11 Unique Wedding Registry Ideas

Worried that a traditional gift registry won't work for you? Here are 11 great ideas for alternative registries that range from honeymoons to charitable foundations.