Choosing a Cake Filling

Choosing a cake filling flavor can be daunting — so many to choose from. Maybe you want a flavor that’s fun. Or different. Or a color that matches your design. And, of course, it should be tasty. To help you decide, here are the most popular.

What's your flavor?

We asked one of the state’s best wedding cake bakers — Shara Chickering-Hill of Chickadee Hill Cakes — to create cakes with a variety of filling flavors so you could see what they’d look like on the plate. Here they are — all delicious, but each evoking a different mood.

Cinnamon apple flavor is just right for the autumn wedding.

This light and refreshing blueberry-lemon is a great choice for spring.

For the coffee-loving couple, this flavor is made of caramel mocha.

A  favorite ice cream flavor, the mint chocolate chip evokes a playful spirit.

Mimosa — a tangy, yet sophisticated flavor that’s perfect for a brunch reception.

Local farm-fresh strawberries stud the strawberry buttercream to create a “pretty in pink” look.


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