Craziest Fashion Week Fall 2015 Dresses

You can't have progress without pushing boundaries and challenging the concept of what a wedding dress should be, but sometimes the first forays into new bridal fashion waters result in some truly outrageous dresses.

I had a dream in the days leading up to my wedding that I forgot my dress at home and had to make do with these lacy, transparent, frilly curtains from the hotel. I never dreamed that the curtain dress showed off my bellybutton, though.


"You may now kiss your bride … through the gold chainmal!"


Yup, those are metal knobs. Nothing says true romance like a dress that prohibits your new spouse from hugging you close.


That is one awkward choice of material for shorts. Or anything, really. If a model can't pull it off, then you know something's gone seriously awry. Also, shorts.


If the term "nip slip" can be at all applied to your wedding dress, maybe rethink your choices.


A lace track suit is still a track suit. Even if you attach a train.


So, what – you just don't use one arm for the entire wedding?


So this is what a tiered wedding cake brought to life looks like.


Maybe bridal beach wear is the next new thing.


That is the peplum to end all peplums.


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