Engagement Story Contest Winner Summer 2008 – Suzanne George and Christopher Richards

Chris and I started dating in January of 2005 and had talked about marriage, but in a very informal way. In June 2007, my sister got engaged so I assumed that Chris wouldn’t really think about proposing until after her fall 2008 wedding. Well, I was wrong and had a very big surprise on his 25th birthday!

We were spending the weekend with my family in Alton, NH, which we often do in the summer. After a long day of work and the hour and a half drive to my parents, we made it on Friday night. On the drive over, Chris recommended we hike Mount Major the next morning, which I thought was a wonderful idea since I’ve hiked it many times as a child and adult. We got up early on Saturday and it was an absolutely beautiful spring day, perfect for a hike.

As I was eating breakfast and changing into my hiking clothes, Chris insisted on packing a backpack to bring with us. I told him it’s a short hike, and he should just bring a bottle of water and he would be fine. However, he was persistent. I told him it was his job to carry it, so he packed light snacks and I threw in my camera for pictures at the top.

As we hiked up the mountain I was leading the way, which is very unusual as Chris is an active person. I truly felt I was “dragging” him up the mountain but just brushed it off as being out of shape after a long snowy winter. We stopped a few times on the way up, drank our bottles of water and then eventually made it to the summit. Chris set the backpack down at the top and went to grab (what I thought was) a bottle of water.

Instead he came up with a black velvet box. I looked down at him and couldn’t believe my eyes. I completely collapsed on top of him and started crying. I tried to squeak out the word yes between the tears and then finally took the ring from him and placed it on my finger. After I let him go, he went into his bag again to pull out a special bottle of wine we bought in Bar Harbor three summers before.

I asked if he remembered a corkscrew and he looked at me with that “do you think I’m crazy?” look as he pulled out wine glasses wrapped in a t-shirt and a corkscrew. We sat at the top of the mountain all by ourselves and enjoyed the rest of the morning.