Fall Food Inspiration

With the calendar creeping toward September and our Fall/Winter issue just weeks away from its debut, we're ready for fall here at New Hampshire Magazine's BRIDE. The New Hampshire weddings we've featured over the years in Real Weddings — including the five in our upcoming issue — are chock full of great autumn ideas, but we're particularly taken with their food.

As you plan your big day, take some inspiration from the mac and cheese, s'mores kits and more that make up the very best fall food from our archives.


1. S'mores

S'mores may seem like a summer food, but picture this: a crisp fall evening, a roaring fire, and your guests roasting marshmallows as they take breaks from the dance floor. Add a rustic display like this one at Carrie and David's 2011 Real Wedding, and you've got yourself a perfect fall wedding DIY dessert.

photo by emilie inc.

2. Milk and Cookies

While we're talking desserts, how about this adorable milk and cookie bar from Amanda and John's 2012 Real Wedding? Cooler temps scream out for comfort food, and it doesn't get much more comfortable than a nostalgic throwback like this.

Put out a few plates of fresh-baked cookies and coolers of single-sized milk jugs and let your guests dunk away. You can even save some catering money this way — recruit moms, grandmas, and aunts to make their beloved family recipes rather than buying your snickerdoodles and Samoas pre-made.


3. A Finger Food Cornucopia

This snack table from Erica and Chris' 2015 Real Wedding may have been from a summer ceremony, but it would fit right in with fall. That roasted red pepper hummus! Those spiced nuts! That cheese! Add a few ears of multi-colored corn, and this would be a full-on Thanksgiving feast. Having some finger food to tide guests over before the hot meal is always a good idea, but there's no reason your snacks can't match the fall feel of the rest of your day.


4. Personalized Brew

We love this personalized beer from Mike and Meryl's 2013 Real Wedding. Design a label in earth tones to match your color scheme and surroundings and leave a bottle at each table for a drink and favor your guests will be talking about for weeks. Don't forget to go for a seasonal flavor. After all, is it even fall if you're not drinking pumpkin beer?

photo by emilie inc. | catering by magic foods

5. Self-Serve Mac & Cheese

The traditional "chicken or fish" meal setup can be delicious — but it can sometimes be stuffy. Buffet bars and scattered food stations are the perfect alternative to the standard reception meal, and few things could be better for a fall fete than an inviting pot of mac and cheese.

Caitlin and Eric got that memo with their ooey-gooey mac at their Real Wedding in 2012, and we'd encourage you to do the same. To really raise the soul food standard, try a mac and cheese tasting station with smaller dishes of variations on the classic. Kimchi blue cheese mac, anyone?


6. Fall Feast

If you are going to opt for the traditional dinner, you'd be hard-pressed to do it better than this. This mouthwatering meal is a preview from one of our Fall/Winter 2016 Real Weddings, and it's as autumn-ready as it gets. Fresh herb-stuffed chicken, herb roasted potatoes, and oven-roasted broccolini served up with delicate gold flatware on rustic wooden tables — pour us a mug of apple cider and count us in.

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