Faux & Fabulous Eyelashes

Your lashes not as long and thick as you'd like? No problem.

As a bride, all eyes will be on you for your special day – so the last thing you want your eyes to be is lackluster. If typical eye makeup just isn't doing the trick, consider getting false eyelashes.

Joanne McDonough, founder of Joya Beauty in Dover (joyabeauty.com), says false eyelashes can make all the difference in a bridal look, and says about 98 percent of the brides who come to Joya leave with false eyelashes.

"They photograph beautifully," she says, "and you can get nice, long, full, pretty eyelashes without all the weight and clumping of thickening mascara."

And don't worry about crying happy tears during the ceremony, says McDonough. "They'll be pretty right up until the last dance," she promises.

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