Flash Weddings

Many couples have a version of this conversation immediately following the decision to get married: "Wouldn't it be great if we got married at our favorite (insert name of a museum/sports arena/amusement park/ski resort, etc. here)?"

Getting married at Fenway, inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art or in front of Cinderella's Disneyland castle, depending on your preferences, would indeed be pretty fabulous – and fabulous locations usually mean one of two things: weddings aren't allowed or the fees are exorbitant.

For some, the answer is a guerilla-style wedding. These daring and financially savvy couples are forgetting about the rules and the fees. Instead, they're holding impromptu (and very short) ceremonies wherever – and whenever – they want. The trend of guerilla weddings is something like a flash mob. They're organized ahead of time, though they're seemingly spontaneous, the action is swift and to the point, and everyone melts back into the crowd when it's over (probably to escape the potential consequences).

Among those who have pulled these off, zoos, Disneyland (which offers its own pricey wedding packages so they definitely discourage any other wedding activity), malls, public parks, outside or near famous landmarks (like the Grand Canyon or Empire State Building), ski slopes and golf courses are among the most popular choices.

Tips and videos for planning a stealth wedding abound online: Don't wear a big dress, keep the guest list small, do some recon on your "venue" beforehand, have a Plan B in case you get busted, if you must have a veil stash it in a backpack until the final moment, have an exit plan and, if disaster strikes, try to convince the authorities that you're just working on a photo shoot.

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