Fun and Colorful Dessert Trends

Macarons and cake pops are two new fun and colorful trends your guests will love.

First there was the big cake. Then came the smaller cake arrangements, cupcake towers and candy bars. Now two new dessert trends are emerging – cake pops and macarons. These no-mess whimsical finger foods are sure to delight your guests, plus they come in a huge range of colors to match your reception theme.

Macarons are a French confection that look simple enough, but in reality take a baker who knows what he or she is doing to pull off correctly. These little, delicate cookie-type desserts are actually meringue-based rather than dough-based. Meringue is made by mixing together egg whites and a special type of flour made from traditional and confectionery sugar and almonds, which creates a subtle flavor. This gives the macaron a light, fluffy texture and a wonderfully sweet flavor with a hint of almond.  

A true macaron has a smooth, domed top, ruffled edges and a flat cookie-like base. They are actually quite moist, have a thin crust and an airy interior. Macarons are typically filled with butter cream or jam and come in a seemingly endless variety of colors from soft pastels to bold primaries. Macarons are often confused with English macaroons, which are dense, coconut cookies.


Macarons are lovely enough to double as edible escort cards.

Photo by Susan Laughlin

These colorful macarons are from Finesse Pastries on Elm Street in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire.

Photo by Susan Laughlin

More brightly colored macarons from Finesse Pastries.

Mimic a traditional cake with a macaron tower.


What's the next best thing to cake? Cake on a stick, that's what! These cake pops were created by The Sweet Source on Etsy.

Cake pops make visually appealing arrangements on a dessert table.

Tiered cake pops with a traditional cake topper.

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