Go Daring with a World-Famous NH Photographer

Jay Philbrick will take your photos on the side of a cliff

Looking for something a bit "out there" with your wedding photos? Try getting really out there—on the side of Cathedral Ledge in the White Mountains. North Conway-based Philbrick Photography specializes in these not-for-the-faint-of-heart shoots, and they've been getting attention lately from far beyond the Granite State.

The Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, Refinery29, and, most recently, Inside Edition have all featured the high-flying photos of husband and wife team Jay and Vicki, so hiring the Philbricks for your nuptials kills two birds with one stone: you get images you won't find anywhere else, and you'll have worked with a photographer with worldwide street cred.

all photos by jay philbrick

"The first national news outlet to pick up our story of our extreme cliffs was probably either The Huffington Post or Cosmopolitan," Jay says. "They found out about our work as a result of my posting samples of it in a number of large and popular Facebook photography groups."


The viral attention surrounding the Philbricks' work shows no sign of slowing down. The pair have several shoots with the media coming up, and outlets' coverage is getting increasingly involved. For their segment on Philbrick on May 9, Inside Edition sent a team of producers and videographers to record one of the cliffside shoots (pictured below) in action.


Though the photos may make it look like the bride and groom are perched on the side of the cliff with nothing to support them, you can rest assured that the shoots are very safe. Jay and his mountainside assistants are experienced climbing guides. The happy couple and the photo team are all strapped in with a variety of harnesses, ropes, and anchors—they're just cleverly hidden or, when necessary, edited away in post-production.


Philbrick has received requests from potential clients as far away as South America thanks to his viral fame, but he says, so far, most of his clients have been from New Hampshire and New England. In addition to Cathedral Ledge, Philbrick has shot brides, models, and dancers at a variety of dramatic natural venues, including on an ice cliff in Crawford, NH. He hopes to eventually add Mount Washington to his list of shooting locations, too.


Of course, you don't have to rappel down a mountain or climb an ice cliff to shoot with the Philbricks for your wedding. They also offer standard wedding packages, and they enjoy incorporating landscapes and a taste of the unexpected into all of their shoots. In fact, they've been featured many times right here at Bride—including, most recently, for the cover shoot of our Spring/Summer 2016 issue. The photo below is from the Real Weddings section of our New Hampshire Magazine's Bride Spring/Summer 2015.

If you want to have the Philbricks shoot your wedding, visit their website, philbrickphoto.com. And new clients for extreme cliff shoots, they say, are always welcome. "Anyone interested in doing such a session only has to contact us and book it," Jay says. "We love doing these!"

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