How We Met: Hilary and Tyson Calistro

Meet Lincoln couple Hilary and Tyson Calistro

Every couple’s “How We Met” story is different. Hilary 31, and Tyson Calistro 32, met by accident, but their attraction was immediate. Growing up, Hilary lived in Middleboro, Massachusetts, a three-hour drive from Tyson’s childhood town of Lincoln, which is where they now reside. The couple met through Tyson’s friend Brett and Hilary’s friends Meghan and Rachel. The first night they met, Tyson and Brett, who met at Bridgewater State, went out to a bar in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, where they met Hilary’s friends Meghan and Rachel. Brett took an attraction to Meghan, and stormed out of the bar upon realizing she had a boyfriend. With Brett gone, Tyson, Meghan and Rachel conversed, getting along great. They decided they would meet up again a few days later at Crazy Eddies in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where Tyson was having a large birthday party. Hilary and her friend Anna contacted Meghan on Saturday afternoon to see if she had any plans for the night, and Meghan invited them to Crazy Eddies with her and Rachel. As soon as Hilary opened the door, she saw Tyson and was immediately interested. Meg introduced the two of them, and they talked for hours, since their initial attraction was apparent. Brett was also present, but everyone got along.

After an amazing conversation at Crazy Eddies, Tyson called Hilary the next night and arranged for a date two days later. For dinner, they went to Kyoto, a sushi spot in Mansfield, Massachusetts. They both had a great time and didn’t want the night to end, so they decided to get a nightcap – some Cold Stone Creamery ice cream to talk more before going home. Hilary notes that she felt very strongly when seeing Tyson for the first time. “I first thought he was very attractive and carried himself well. I couldn’t wait to get to know him. You get this sense about people and something just struck me that he seemed like a good person,” says Hilary. “Once he told me he was going to be a pilot I thought, ‘wow, I can’t wait to get to know him more because he is probably as adventurous as me.’ He was equally impressed that I was an engineer.”

There was an immediate connection between them, and both fell fast for the other. Within one month of dating, Hilary made the trip to New Hampshire, where they zip-lined for three hours, rented a plane for an hour after lunch so Tyson could fly them over Laconia and mini-golfed – all in one day. After two months, the couple became official, and Hilary allowed herself to be in love, realizing Tyson wasn’t too good to be true.

Time passed, and they grew deeply fond of each other, prompting Tyson to ask Hilary to move in with him. “After four months of dating, Tyson asked me to move in with him in a couple months,” says Hilary. “I’ll always remember how excited I was that day. He asked me holding my hand driving down 495 south while I was driving. I don’t know why he chose then, but I was really excited. So, six months after our first date, I moved into his non-insulated bachelor apartment in Middleboro. To give you an idea of how non-insulated it was, we hung blankets over the doorway to the bedroom to keep heat in, and the olive oil on the kitchen counter froze one night.”

Hilary also loves how capable Tyson is. “There’s nothing sexier than knowing your man can defend you in a tough situation [he was a sniper in the Marines],” says Hilary, “or just get you out of the woods after you’ve been lost for two hours to take a ‘short-cut’. I love knowing he will always know what to do in any situation.”

Hilary and Tyson’s favorite part about their wedding was successfully completing their choreographed first dance without any major mistakes. The couple had been taking classes for two and a half months from a friend of Hilary’s who competes in ballroom dancing.    

Since getting married, Hilary has switched careers from civil engineering to motel management, a stay-at-home job where she works with Tyson’s mother Deanna, allowing Hilary to spend more time with Tyson despite his hectic schedule.

“Marriage is about willing to make the right sacrifices,” says Hilary. “I would pick him again because I’ve never met anyone more committed to giving us the best life possible and I’ve never met someone who respects me and admires me for who I truly am – all which is so rare to find in this world.”

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