New Hampshire Magazine Bride - Spring-Summer 2012

Morgen Thiboult and Brian Connor

Morgen Thiboult and Brian Connor were married on June 18, 2011 just over the border at the Atlantic House in York, Maine. Their wedding had a fresh and trendy theme of black and white.

Marie Sapienza and Matthew Schooley

Marie Sapienza and Matthew Schooley were married on July 23, 2011 and celebrated their marriage with a reception at the Hampshire Hills Sports and Fitness Club in Milford, New Hampshire.

Have your wedding on board a NH cruise ship

Looking for an out-of-the-ordinary spot for your ceremony? Consider a cruise ship, especially for an autumn wedding when the colors come alive.Cruise through Portsmouth Harbor and up the Piscataqua River aboard the M/V Thomas Laighton, a Victorian-style steamship that features…

Ideas for the groom

Much of the attention focuses on the bride at weddings, but the groom can make a splash, too. It just requires a departure from the usual.

Accessorizing the flower girl

Your flower girl is probably adorable already, but she'll be even more adorable - and feel truly special - wearing these accessories.

Hairstyle idea: chignon

It's been around for forever, but many of today's brides are opting for a hairstyle called a chignon (pronounced shee-nyawn). Adriana Scott, senior stylist at the Wingate Salon & Spa (, says now a significant percentage of the brides she…

Design your cake with inspiration from your dress

Brides who want a cake design that's out of the ordinary are choosing to replicate the pattern of their dress in butter cream or fondant. "They also might choose the pattern from their table linens," says Tami Despres, pastry chef…