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What woman doesn’t want to feel beautiful and sexy, especially on her wedding day? Many brides are capturing their more intimate memories of their special day with boudoir photography. Today’s intimate photos are far beyond the so-called “glamour” pictures with heavy makeup and feather boas taken at department-store studios. Soft light, discreet camera angles and tasteful props, which for brides could be their veils, lace garter belts and hose, make for sophisticated photos a bride — and her groom — will cherish for years to come. “Most brides want to give a picture of themselves in lingerie to their husband-to-be,” says wedding photographer Liesl Clark of New Hampshire-based Claris Photography (www.clarisphotography.com). “Others want to provide a sexy image on their wedding day just as a record in time of themselves.” Clark, who has been a photographer for 10 years and specializes in New England weddings, recently added intimate photography as an additional service to her bridal clients who are looking for something beyond the standard bride and maids all-in-a-row picture. The key to beautiful and relaxed intimate portraits, according to Clark, is communication between the bride and the photographer. She says she can spend months working with her clients before the first shutter snaps. “I ask them their reasons for considering boudoir photography. What do they visualize?” says Clark. She will ask brides to send her photos, magazine or catalog clippings or Web sites of pictures in the style they want. By the day of the shoot, she and her client know exactly what they want to accomplish with the photos. “I never want to be on a different page from the bride,” says Clark. She also recommends taking the photos several weeks or months prior to the wedding. She typically sets up sessions four to six months before the wedding date. “The day of the wedding is not the ideal time. Brides have enough to do and think about,” says Clark. And how bare do you go? “It’s totally up to the bride,” says Clark. “Some brides only want to hint at bareness. Other brides are proud of their bodies and what to show them off.” While not all brides are a size 4, all brides can look beautiful in an intimate portrait with a photographer who is professional. “The biggest demon is a person’s own insecurity,” says Clark. “But if a bride has approached me about doing boudoir photographs, I know there’s some level of curiosity and confidence that I can bring out. Because we’re always communicating, I could never put a bride in a situation where she doesn’t feel beautiful.” Grooms can also be a part of the fun, Clark says. She says these photos are like taking the engagement picture one step further. “It’s fun to be sexy together,” she says. There is an added dynamic to a couples shoot, she cautioned. Brides and grooms should be in “100-percent agreement” on the style of the shoot. Boudoir photo sessions at Claris Photography begin at $475 and last about two hours. As with any professional, get several estimates and recommendations for different vendors. Ask plenty of questions and work with the professional with whom you feel most comfortable and whose work you admire. Liesl Clark, Claris Photography (603) 654-6420 www.clarisphotography.com