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Leen Jean Studios


Located in Denver and available worldwide. I started Leen Jean mostly because I love drawing, creating and writing notes to others, and I love quality paper. I also find something so special about receiving a handwritten note. To me, it means somebody really thought about it, and took time out of their day to do something tangible for me, and I appreciate that. I appreciate it enough that I may or may not have a box full of old cards and announcements I’ve kept throughout my lifetime. When my parents named me, they chose Kathleen Jean. “Kathleen” and “Jean” are the names of my grandmothers. Growing up, I didn’t think too much of it. But more and more I realize how much of an honor it is that each day I am here on this earth, I carry with me a part of two amazing women. For me, my grandmothers represent family, strength, encouragement, hard work and endless love. They have always been there for me, and they have both encouraged me to work hard and chase my dreams. So when this dream came time to chase, I couldn’t think of anything that would better describe me and what I want my company to stand for. I don’t just create things to create them. I create them to mean something–to make a difference in someone’s life. I want to take all those notes and announcements that I kept all this time, and I want to help fill up someone else’s box of encouragements. See the recent New Hampshire Magazine‘s Bride photoshoot with Leen Jean stationery.