Matching Your Dress and Flowers

Think of your bridal bouquet as an accessory. Your bouquet should highlight your dress and your best features. You do not want to pick out a bouquet that will take away from this as it will affect not only your wedding day but the images and video which you will want to enjoy for years to come.

Let your florist recommend different styles and shapes that will work for you and your dress. For example, if your dress has lots of beading and lace, you may want to consider a more modest bouquet so it won't compete with the details of the dress. Or if your dress is simple and elegant you may want to consider a cascading bouquet, which is a trend that is returning but in a more modern way. There are many styles of bouquets so it is good to talk with a florist early as this will give you more time to start noticing different flowers textures and colors that you like.

This is also a difficult process that can take time. Never make the mistake of letting someone else pick out your flowers. Everyone is attracted to different colors, textures and styles, so it is important that you pick what you like and not what others like, as you know what will make your day special.

-From Heidi & Brad of Chalifour's Flowers

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