NH Magazine BRIDE announces engagement story winner – April 2007

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I decided to go on a hot air balloon ride for our one-year anniversary. When he called to make reservations, we were told we could either get on the balloon at 6 a.m. (therefore we’d get up at 4:30 a.m.) or we could get on at 2 p.m. We opted for the 2 p.m. flight. However, the balloon guy called to let us know the night before take off that the winds weren’t looking good for the afternoon, so we’d have to go on the early flight.

We went to bed early and got up at the crack of dawn the next morning. Arriving all bundled up and ready to go at 6 a.m., we meet some of the others that would be going up either in our balloon or in another.

We chatted with a couple that ended up being in our balloon. The woman of the couple had to run to the car for something and the guy started to talk to the balloon guy while she was away. He was saying how he was going to have her face one direction as the balloon takes off so that they could get the banner ready.

I smiled and turned to my then, boyfriend, and said, “aw, how cute. I think he’s proposing!”

My boyfriend just shrugged it off, which was not normal as he usually thinks those kinds of things are cute. We soon got in the balloon and everyone was told to face the sunrise while we were lifting off so that we could get a great picture.

The sunrise was beautiful and literally took my breath away! Someone radioed to the balloon guy and everyone was told to look back. A huge banner on the ground read “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

I turned around somewhat disappointed. After all, it wasn’t me, since I over heard the guy from the other couple talking about how HE was going to propose to his girl friend.

I started to say to my boyfriend how cute it was as I was turning, but when I turned around, I wasn’t looking at him. Both of the boys were on their knees asking the same question. I had to check and see if had a ring in his hand to make sure he really planned this, or if he was asking so I wasn’t crushed before I said “of course!!!”

The balloon guy radioed to the crew members and the other balloons that he got an “of course” and an “oh my god!”

When we landed we all celebrated over a champagne picnic brunch. It was truly a beautiful morning!

~Meaghan Yuska