Old But New Beverage Growing in Popularity

Try this ancient drink that’s a great alternative to champagne on your wedding day

It started simply — with just fermented honey and water — way back when, way back to the beginnings of civilization. Over the years, spice was added to the mix, so was fruit, and mead became a sophisticated brew that today is often the drink of choice for weddings.                                     

How does it taste compared to wine? Berniece Van Der Berg, of Moonlight Meadery (www.moonlightmeadery.com), says, “Wine has a sharp rise in flavor that then falls off quickly, leaving you with an alcohol taste. Because of the honey in mead, it tends to hold onto the flavor profile; the flavor and aroma linger longer without the alcohol taste.”

The meadery produces 66 varieties of mead — all named provocatively. You can buy Embrace, Wild, Flirt, Paramour, Desire, Seduction, Wicked and more.

Berniece says there’s a  story that the word “honeymoon” comes from an ancient custom of giving couples enough mead (which has honey in it) to last until the first “moon cycle” after the wedding.

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