Photo Centerpieces

We didn't want to spend money on flowers so we chose to decorate the venue with photos of our history together, families and friends.
Theme photo displays – this one of two trips to Napa Valley – decorated our tables and other spots in the venue.

We set out to keep our wedding budget focused on fun. The majority of funds went towards food, booze, an awesome '80s band (who are, fittingly enough, called The Awesome) and a relaxed venue. Flowers were mostly out of the question – it seemed silly, at least to us, to spend a rather large sum of money on something that would die in a few days and that couldn't make the trip back to New Hampshire anyway (there was barely enough room in the car for us as it was). The sole floral element were small bouquets arranged from flowers my sister-in-law picked up that morning at Whole Foods.

Still, we wanted something on our tables and scattered throughout the venue. I searched and searched for non-floral centerpiece ideas and came up with nothing that would fit our needs. Since we didn't have a sit-down dinner, it was a bit of a surface hodgepodge – we had a number of high tops, couch areas and a few traditional low round tables that required some sort of décor.

Eventually we decided to create something made from our lives together. We dug up photos and put them into categories – trips we've taken, early dating days, college, family, friends, baseball games, childhoods, family weddings – and used some modern and fun photo stands made by Umbra. They fit well with the overall modern mood of our venue, the Port City Music Hall. I also got crafty and created a few DIY open-back photo frames for the gift and welcome tables.

These funky Umbra photo stands fit the feel of the venue. We also framed a number of family wedding photos.


One of the DIY open-back frames and a picture of my parents on one side and Josh's on the other greeted guests at the door.



The Crowd Photo Display from Umbra. We got all three of the stands we used a bit cheaper on Amazon.



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