Real weddings: It’s a twin thing

This past fall twi n sisters Allyson Gelinas and Lindsay Goulet realized a shared dream – they were married within about a month of each other.

“Lindsay got engaged in August 2009 and I got engaged in September 2009,” explains Allyson. “We always wanted our weddings to be close, so it worked out that our husbands proposed to us so close together.”

Once the sisters were engaged the joint planning began. The ability to plan together, inspire one another and share ideas was incredibly helpful, adds Allyson.

Though Allyson and Lindsay planned together, their weddings each reflected their different styles and incorporated both couples’ unique and meaningful moments.

Lindsay began with the idea of a classy atmosphere and her favorite color, purple. By combining purple and silver she achieved the look she’d hoped for.

Lindsay and Grant were married at the elegant and historic St. Anne’s Church in Berlin, N.H., Grant’s hometown.

“The church is amazing and beautiful,” adds Lindsay. “The ceremony was so special, and I felt like a princess as I walked down the very long aisle to my prince!”

For Allyson, romance was the idea she built her wedding on. Allyson’s colors -red, silver, white and ivory – created the foundation for her romantic ceremony and reception. Adding to the atmosphere were, as Allyson says, “lots of red and white roses and lots of candles.”

Allyson’s florist, Royal Bouquet, tied red rose bouquets on every other chair down the Alvirne Chapel’s aisle, the same Hudson chapel where Allyson and Lindsay’s younger sister Casey was married.

Completing the floral theme at the ceremony were two large bouquets with red roses and cascading flowers that adorned the altar.

The romantic atmosphere extended to the reception, held at the Brookstone Event Center. Allyson had centerpieces featuring red roses and white hydrangeas with two candelabras with hanging crystals on either side of the vase of flowers. With candles burning and the lights low, the candlelight reflected off the glass, helping to weave a mood of romance.

Though many things were different, a few were similar – like the sisters’ favorite wedding day moments.

“My favorite moment of my wedding was looking into Keith’s eyes saying ‘I do’, and then at our reception dancing our first dance to the song ‘At Last’ by Etta James,” says Allyson.

The same point in the ceremony was also incredibly meaningful for Lindsay. “I would have to agree with Ally that my favorite moment of our wedding was saying ‘I do’ to Grant because I knew that now it was real and we were husband and wife.”

“Of course, another great moment was all the dancing that went on for hours on end,” adds Lindsay. “I loved our wedding and will always be grateful for having such a loving husband and wonderful family and friends!”

The sisters were not only engaged and married at similar times, they both fell in love with men who share the same last name initial.

“We had the same cake topper but we each had our own – we didn’t share it,” explains Allyson. “Go figure we both marry guys with the last name [beginning with] G.” And now, she adds, their initials are ALG and LAG.

So how do the sisters explain all these marital coincidences?

“It’s a twin thing,” says Allyson.

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