Rose and yellow gold are making a comeback

What’s next for rings? “Watch what Kim Kardashian is wearing for clues”

Right now, 95 percent of the engagement rings in David Bellman’s Manchester jewelry store are either white gold or platinum. The yellow gold of yesteryear is long gone.

Or is it? Bellman is seeing signs (faint though they may be) of a comeback for yellow gold. “When I channel surf, I try to catch the Kardashian show to see what kind of jewelry they’re wearing,” Bellman says. “They’re the people who get paid gobs of money to wear jewelry from places like Tiffany’s and Rolex.”

What he sees is the Kardashians wearing “a ton” of yellow gold jewelry. And, he adds, because “everyone wants to wear what Kim wears,” he expects to see jewelry stores offering many more yellow gold engagement and weddings rings one of these days soon.

Retailers like Tiffany’s supply jewelry to celebrities to influence the markets. “To change things up,” says Bellman. “They say white, whether platinum or white gold, has been around for 10 years and they’re bored.” And with gold, there are only two main options — white or yellow — so yellow gets to be the next big thing.

Bellman actually thinks people might turn first to rose gold, like the recent ring from prominent designer Simon G. pictured above: “Rose gold is prettier than yellow gold and it’s different because it hasn’t been used for 80 years. Rose gold is where the action is going to be, that’s my prediction.”

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