Sarah Arwine & Evan Gerekos

A late summer wedding at an elegant vineyard

How they got engaged: At Maple Hill Barn, Beaver Brook in Hollis, in the big, open hayfield the wedding day in a word Fun! Biggest surprise: My Dad’s suit! I was delighted we matched in white. Most memorable ceremony moment: We walked back down the aisle to my brothers playing a song they had written for our wedding day. Piece of advice: Do a “first look.” Not only did it calm my nerves seeing Evan before our walk down the aisle, it eliminated the long time for photos after the ceremony. If you could do it all over again … I’d remember to eat. Where they live: Brookline, NH Honeymoon: Maui in January Occupations: Sarah, nutrition and corporate wellness; Evan, co-owns a family restaurant.

The Details

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