Silhouettes Are a Photo Booth Alternative

Forget photo booths. On-the-spot silhouettes of you and your guests are the latest trend

You might have seen them in antique shops — likenesses of people in silhouette made by artists with scissors and black paper. Silhouettes were all the rage in the early 19th century, but then photography replaced them as the preferred form of portraiture. Silhouettes have a long history — early Grecian vases show silhouettes, or what they called  back then a “tracing of the human shadow.”

Now that tracing is back — very trendy, in fact — as a fun addition to a wedding reception. “The silhouettes are cut on the spot,’ says Leona Hosack, a silhouette artist who’s based just across the border in Eliot, Maine. With her very sharp scissors, she cuts images of wedding guests in just two or three minutes. Actually, she cuts two — one for the guest to take home and another that could be used for a keepsake or guest book, where the image is mounted and the guest signs it. She can’t guarantee that she can get to all the guests that want a silhouette; she finds long lines wherever she goes.  

Hosack also offers full silhouettes of the bride and groom, like the one shown here. That, she says, is usually done before or during the wedding. For more information, visit Portraits by Leona (she also does caricatures) at

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