Skip the veil and opt for the fascinator

As some wow factor to your big day.

Some modern brides are choosing to leave the veil behind and are turning instead to decorative head pieces like the fascinator. These not-quite-hats come in all shapes and sizes and can be made of everything from wool to lace, but typical fascinators – especially bridal ones – are constructed from feathers, flowers, beads or some combination of the three.

Fascinators are bigger than a barrette and usually attach to hair by a comb, headband or clip. Though they are considered formal – you'll often see them at traditional events such as the Kentucky Derby – they are meant to be fun and even whimsical.

There's no reason you can't choose a fascinator if you're wearing a traditional gown, but these fanciful pieces are perfect for brides who are wearing something a little out of the norm, whether that be a more modern style or something vintage-inspired. The fascinator pictured here is by Toni Federici, available at Madeleine's Daughter in Portsmouth.,

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