Tips for planning a green and resourceful wedding

You spend a lot of time, energy and money planning for the perfect wedding so why not take a little bit of extra care in considering the environment? Here are some tips for going green.

  • Use vegetables – asparagus, radishes, artichokes to name a few – for inventive and attractive centerpieces.
  • Use flowers that are in season to avoid having to transport them from distant places in the world.
  • Donate the flowers from your ceremony to a local nursing home or hospital.
  • Incorporate locally sourced food in your reception menu and consider beef and chicken that is sustainably and humanely raised.
  • Leftover food can be donated, but there are state restrictions you need to check.
  • For favors, use things that can be planted or are edible like chocolates or syrup.
  • Have your invitations printed on recycled paper with soy ink.
  • Provide car or van pools for your guests to save on gas.
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