Toast the Summer with Rosé

Big news: rosé wine is no longer just for sorority girls or '80s beach parties. The much-maligned pink vino is back in style, and it's the perfect drink for a sunny summer wedding. Rosé is refreshing, unexpected, and — luckily for us here on the East Coast — goes great with seafood. The famous wine regions of the world and a crop of hip independent producers are all churning out top-notch rosé these days, so now is the time to delve into this newly popular market. Quality products and a series of street-smart marketing campaigns (#HamptonsGatorade, anyone?) ensure that, these days, rosé is the trendiest drink around. 

If you're ready to take the plunge on pink for your wedding, then here are some ideas for where to source your not quite red, not quite white beverage.


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1. White Girl Rosé

With famous fans including Nylon magazine, Sophia Bush, and, most notoriously, Instagram comedian The Fat Jewish, White Girl Rosé is arguably the queen of the modern pink wine. Their minimalist packaging and meme-centered ethos (their taglines include "Basic is back" and simply "Yasss queen") will be a sure, photo-ready hit among your guests. Though it's not available in New Hampshire stores yet, you can find it at liquor stores in the Boston area or from the online vendors listed on their website.


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2. Yes Way Rosé

If you're looking for a clearinghouse for all the chicest rosés, Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir of Yes Way Rosé are your girls. They started the @YesWayRose Instagram account to celebrate their shared love of the pink drink, and it's since grown into a trusted source for (and regular collaborator with) the world's best producers. Scroll their feed for ideas, order a bottle of their "Summer Water" collaboration with wine club Winc and pick up some rosé-themed apparel and gifts from their website. Can you say "bridesmaid gift"?


3. New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlet

Unsurprisingly, the Granite State's boozy superstore doesn't disappoint when it comes to rosé. They offer more than two dozen varieties from France, the U.S., Spain, Italy and beyond. Check out their website for a full listing of the rosés on offer at New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlet and the outposts where you can find each one.





4. Dover Wine Company

This Seacoast vino boutique has a wide selection of rosés, like Austria's Mittelbach Zweigelt Rosé and Chateau St. Pierre Rosé from Provence. Get a feel for Dover Wine Company's available rosés on their website.

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5. Flag Hill Winery

Lots of New Hampshire's wineries offer great local rosés and blush-toned fruit wines, but we recommend Flag Hill in Lee. They just debuted an exciting new rosé — the vineyard's first — in April, and it has summer wedding written all over it. Plus, if getting your vino from Flag Hill isn't enough, you can also hold your wedding there. The winery offers fabulous event venue services that have made it to the pages of New Hampshire Magazine's Bride before — like in the Spring/Summer 2014 Real Wedding of Ryanne Welch and Benjamin Roy (pictured). Made-on-site rosé and dreamy ceremony and reception venues? Sounds like a summer wedding no one will soon forget.

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