Vendor Profile: Clyde's Cupcakes

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To help you get to know some of the top-notch bakeries and other vendors working in the New Hampshire wedding scene, we at Bride are implementing a new series of vendor profiles. In each profile, we'll give you a taste of the vendor's style and some examples of their work — from their most popular flavors to their best cake designs.

Meet the bakers behind Clyde's Cupcakes. This team has been in the business for 10 years, and their Exeter storefront and roving Dessert Trucks are beloved on the Seacoast and beyond for their elegant and creative cakes, cupcakes and desserts. Read on to learn all about this Bride favorite.

New Hampshire Magazine's BRIDE: Where are you located and what is your service area?

CLYDE'S CUPCAKES: We are located in Exeter, New Hampshire, at 104 Epping Road. We also have two Dessert Trucks that travel to events. We are able to make deliveries to areas in and surrounding Exeter, but our Dessert Trucks are able to travel greater distances around New England to attend special events.

NHMB: How would you describe your wedding cake style?

CC: Our wedding cake style is all about the client! We want to create dream wedding desserts. Elegant, whimsical, traditional, and fun alike, we want our cake designs [to be the] highlight of the event. We don’t just stop at wedding cakes, either. We love to create beautiful dessert bars so that guests are able to enjoy all types of gourmet desserts.

NHMB: What sort of products do you offer?

CC: We offer specialty cakes, cupcakes, decadent brownies with an array of toppings, dessert bars, drop cookies, personalized sugar cookies, meringues, macaroons, cake pops, and more. We love both keeping it simple with an elegant cake or creating a fun and interactive dessert bar with an array of goodies (depending on what you want for your ceremony).

NHMB: Do you have any specific products that you sell that are a unique asset to the bakery? Do you have any products or flavors that are especially popular?

CC: We produce a gourmet product. Everything is baked from scratch using premium products. In our bakery we use ingredients such as Lindt chocolate and European butter to make the most decadent and flavorful product possible. All our cakes and cupcakes are frosted in our spectacular and subtly sweet whole buttercream. We feel cupcakes are great idea for a wedding because we can incorporate many different flavor combinations into the desserts for a single event. One of our most popular flavors is our Oreo Surprise, a rich chocolate cake surrounding a full Oreo cookie and topped with smooth Oreo cookie buttercream. In the warmer months, people love our fruit flavors, such as our subtly sweet lemon cake with a fresh raspberry or strawberry buttercream, bursting with real fruit.

NHMB: Who is your ideal client?

CC: Someone who loves to have fun with their dessert! Dessert is all about the love of art here at Clyde’s.

NHMB: How and when did you get into this business?

CC: Clyde's has been in the dessert business for 10 years now. [The owner] has a professional background in graphic design and made the decision to go from the element of print to the element of food.

NHMB: What makes yours a uniquely "New Hampshire" bakery?

CC: With our Dessert Truck we are able to travel to events and festivals throughout the state. This really gives us the opportunity to become a part of many different New Hampshire communities and events. We are happy to be a part of the vibrant New Hampshire community.

NHMB: Of the bakery products you make, which is your favorite to eat?

CC: Our chocolate cake! We have perfected the recipe, down to our favorite, secret ingredient, to create a perfectly moist and rich cake!

NHMB: What's the most memorable wedding cake you've ever made?

CC: Sometimes what appear as the simplest cakes require the most difficult preparation, and also happen to be the most memorable. An elegant all-white cake decorated in intricate and soft buttercream piping uses precise technique to create a beautiful, showstopping work of edible art.

NHMB: Do you cater to specific requests, or do you prefer to create cake designs from scratch?

CC: Creativity is best at Clyde’s Cupcakes. We prefer to talk with our client to determine what they are envisioning, and go from there! We like to work together to create the perfect design, and we prefer to create cake designs from scratch.

NHMB: If a potential client is interested in working with you, how should they get in touch?

CC: We love to hold tasting and consultations right in our Exeter shop. We are open Monday though Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and can be reached by phone or email at You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at Clyde’s Cupcakes.


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