Vendor Profile: Emily Herzig Floral Studio

To help you get to know some of the top-notch photographers, florists, and other vendors working in the New Hampshire wedding scene, we at Bride are implementing a new series of vendor profiles. In each profile, we'll give you a taste of the vendor's style and some examples of their work — from their favorite assignments to their best bouquets.

Meet Littleton florist Emily Herzig. Her company, Emily Herzig Floral Studio, has served the trendiest brides of the White Mountains and beyond for nearly ten years — and they're currently expanding. Read on to learn all about this North Country favorite.


NH MAGAZINE'S BRIDE: Where are you located and what is your service area?

EMILY HERZIG: EH Floral is located in Littleton, NH, in the heart of the White Mountains. Our studio is by appointment only, and we service all of New England – from Boston, MA, to Bar Harbor, ME, all of New Hampshire and all of Vermont.  We are willing to travel beyond this area for the right client and conditions.

NHMB: Do you offer any special techniques or products?

EH: EH Floral is known for artistic, natural, organic, and garden-inspired designs and lush floral arrangements. We LOVE all things in the details! We also offer private floral design classes — great for bridal showers — and offer a special wedding design package where we design and coordinate of all the tablescape décor rentals like table linens, tabletop accessories, chairs and more.


NHMB: How and when did you get into this business?

EH: I have been working with flowers in design settings for more than 20 years, from early years working for an organic nursery/landscape and design company to retail floral design during my college years, and I became the owner my own retail store and café called FloraLatte in 2003. In 2008, we transitioned into a private floral design studio specializing in wedding and event design when our Parker was born. In 2015, EH Floral purchased 85 acres for future flower farming, which we are gearing up to begin in 2017-2018 — I am still growing and learning!

NHMB: Who is your ideal client?

EH: Our ideal client is the one who loves flowers and appreciates the details.  We offer solutions for all budgets, but most of our events are $3500 and up.


NHMB: How would you describe your floral-arranging style?

EH: We are versatile designers, but our favorite style is loose, organic, garden-inspired floral designs. We have a deep appreciation for all flowers but specialize in Dutch and English garden varieties, [as well as] a heavy amount of locally grown blooms. We have recently purchased 85 acres of land in Vermont (12 miles from our NH studio) and are in the early stages of starting our own flower farm.

NHMB: What local, New Hampshire elements do you incorporate into your work?

EH: I forage locally for all sorts of things! I love using native evergreens or flowering branches from fruit trees like crabapple, and I can never get enough of the abundance of local berries when in season. My sons and I are on the constant hunt for raspberry vines in the summer. 


NHMB: What is your favorite wedding floral to design and create?

EH: I love the design concepts that make me think!  Some of my favorite work is the most challenging to create — suspended floral designs, large installations for unique ceremony backgrounds. Plus, of course, the bridal bouquet! 

NHMB: What is your favorite flower?

EH: My favorite flower evolves seasonally, but I hold a special place in my heart always for lily-of-the-valley, which grew wild in my childhood home's front yard. Clematis always makes my heart happy — I love the tendrils and vines when harvested locally — and sweet peas, ranunculus, dahlias, and lush garden roses are up there on my list too. 


NHMB: Do you design the floral scheme for your brides from scratch, or do you prefer that they come to you with specific ideas of what they want?

EH: I am surprised when potential clients profess they do not care about flowers and do not have favorites in mind. It makes me a little sad actually! But I find that all people really do have ideas of what they like when asked the right questions. I always encourage my clients to share inspirational concepts, and I welcome their input throughout the planning process. I am excited to provide education and insight on seasonal choices, and am most excited when I do get to surprise my clients with things they have never seen. I promise after working with me you will know and love flowers more than before!

NHMB: Anything else we should know?

EH: I love collaborating with other vendors and designing with people who are passionate about life, art, and nature.


Contact Info

If you're interested in working with Emily Herzig Floral Studio, get in touch via their website, on social media, or by phone or in a face-to-face appointment, which can easily be scheduled.  


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