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To help you get to know some of the top-notch photographers, florists, and other vendors working in the New Hampshire wedding scene, we at Bride are implementing a new series of vendor profiles. In each profile, we'll give you a taste of the vendor's style and some examples of their work — from their wackiest wedding memories to their favorite photos.

Our first featured vendor is Seacoast-based photo outfit I Am Sarah V Photography, who shot the Real Wedding of Matt and Melanie in our Fall/Winter issue. Check out a Q&A with Sarah and a few of her most stunning images to date.

All photos by i am sarah v photography

NH MAGAZINE'S BRIDE: Where are you located? Where are you willing to travel to shoot?

SARAH V. MARTINEZ: I’m located near the seacoast in Dover, NH, and I’m willing to go wherever. I’ve gone as far as California to photograph a wedding, but I tend to shoot in the New England area the most. I’m looking forward to the first couple that hires me for an out of country elopement!


NHMB: How would you describe your style of photography?

SVM: I started out as a photojournalist right out of high school working for a newspaper in Cleveland, Ohio, so that really influenced my style. I found out how to blend in and move around to get the most interesting angles and stories.

After that, I moved to San Diego, California, where I contacted a husband and wife wedding photography team that were two of the most sought after wedding photojournalists in the area and began working alongside them. During my years with them, I learned a great deal about how to run a successful wedding business as well as how to photograph weddings in such a way that a full story comes to life when the couples look through their album.

That isn’t to say that I don’t do the family formal photos or capture details. I definitely do; they just aren’t my main focus. I found my strength lies in telling visual stories that allow couples to feel as if they can relive the day anytime they want by looking at the images I created. I always want to tell a story that’s true to them and true to their unique celebration.

I also love to take time to slow down with my clients after they have said their vows and capture photos of just the two of them being completely head over heels in love, so I have a little bit of a fine art style mixed in as well. Getting emotionally beautiful photos that tie the wedding day surroundings into their images is a passion of mine — my couples tend to get married in the coolest places!


NHMB: Who is your ideal client?

SVM: A wildly-in-love couple that’s ok with sharing their bond in front of the camera. They’re adventurous, down to earth, forge strong bonds, and are full of life. Their wedding day focus is to build an event around their relationship, and they’re emotionally invested in the people they’ve invited to share the day with them. They also appreciate connecting with wedding day vendors that get them, aren’t wrapped up in all of the wedding trends and traditions, and aren’t going to judge their choice to do things in a way that reflects their personal love story.


NHMB: How and when did you get into this business?

SVM: The first wedding I photographed was when I was 18 (and was shot [entirely on] film) for a friend of mine in Ohio that knew I was good with a camera because I was working with the newspaper. However, getting into wedding photography was a slow burn, and it didn’t hit me in the heart until I worked with those two incredible photographers in California.

When I moved out to New Hampshire, I finished up college, worked for a little while as a criminal investigator (still took pictures then too…just different kinds!) and then decided I wanted to give it a go with my own business. In 2010, I made it official, and I AM SARAH V Photography was born.


NHMB: Do you offer any special techniques or products (drone photography, photo booths, etc)?

SVM: Nope. I used to offer a photo booth on wedding days, but I found it was best to focus solely on photographing the day with the camera in my hand. Specializing and not stretching myself too thin with a bunch of things to worry about allows me to consistently strengthen my work as well as keep me 100% focused on doing this job that I feel is so incredibly important to do right.


NHMB: What is your favorite part of the wedding day to capture?

The getting ready with the girls, because it’s usually a lot of fun and has a ton of different emotions and things happening all at once. There’s happiness for the day to finally be here, butterflies in the stomach from excitement, and tears from the parents who are seeing their daughter marry the person she loves.

My second favorite part is the photos with the couples right after they’re married. Like I said before, my couples tend to get married in really cool and unique places (tops of mountains, residences right on the sea, deep in the forest – you name it), so taking 30 or so minutes where I whisk them away right after it’s official is so much fun. They get to have a few moments almost alone to really take in the place they chose to be married in and celebrate with one another while I get some great pictures of it all!


NHMB: What’s your all-time favorite moment or the wackiest moment you’ve encountered while shooting a wedding?

SVM: One of my couples was really into WWE wrestling – like, really into it. Their passion happened accidentally when flipping through the channels one night at the start of their relationship and not finding anything to watch…except wrestling. So what started out as a joke became the real deal, and they went the whole nine yards and would attend live shows and speculate about where story lines were heading and all of that good stuff.

So when the wedding day does roll around, they don’t want to have the wedding party be announced like normal, they want them to be announced like WWE stars! So the house lights went down, searchlight-style lights scattered around the walls, and each pair were announced into the room through a gold tinsel curtain clad in outfits that matched the different characters they were pretending to be. It was so them and so awesome!

And [this is] maybe not so “wacky,” but I do get adventurous couples who do things like get married on a small sailboat out to sea (with just me and three other witnesses) where we dropped anchor, recorded the latitude and longitude for posterity and took wild pictures with the wind whipping through their hair and the ocean salt on their skin.


NHMB: What is your favorite place to shoot in New Hampshire?

SVM: Put me outside near the mountains or the water and I’m as happy as can be.


Contact Info

To get in touch with I Am Sarah V Photography about a booking, fill out the contact form on their website or send an email to the address above.


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