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To help you get to know some of the top-notch wedding planners and other vendors working in the New Hampshire wedding scene, we at Bride are implementing a new series of vendor profiles. In each profile, we'll give you a taste of the vendor's style and some examples of their work — from their favorite venues to their best event designs.

Meet Tracy Dapp of Inked Events. Dapp founded her business four years ago, and her classic-but-edgy style has been sought out by brides across New England ever since. Read on to learn all about this Salem-based award winner.

New Hampshire Magazine's BRIDE: Where are you located and what is your service area?

TRACY DAPP: Our main office is located in Salem, New Hampshire, and we service all of New Hampshire and other New England states. 

NHMB: How would you describe your wedding planning style?

TD: Our planning style would be considered classic with an edgy, out-of-the-box feel. We appreciate the classic, simple weddings, but there is something about the bold, colorful tones that we really love. Our main focus to make sure our couples put their personal stamp on their wedding day, so their wedding represents them as individuals and as a couple. 

NHMB: What sort of services do you offer or specialize in?

TD: We are a full-service wedding and social/corporate event planning company that specializes in wedding management. In the wedding world, "wedding management" is more often referred to as "day-of coordination," but quite honestly, that doesn't really exist since so much goes into a wedding before the actual day arrives. We love to help couples from the moment the ring is on their finger, or to help a couple that have already successfully planned their wedding relax, enjoy and let go of the logistics of the day. We also offer the option of an in-house floral designer and linen rentals to our planning clients. 

NHMB: What sets you apart from other wedding planners in the New Hampshire area?

TD: Our friendly, detail-oriented, calming, relaxed and fun approach allows our couples to fully enjoy their wedding day and the planning process. I pride myself on getting to know each of our couples on a personal basis & building a relationship with them. It allows them to truly feel comfortable letting go of their worries knowing they (and everything else) are being taken care of. I only accept one wedding per weekend, so I can be on-site for every one of them and focus solely on that couple without distractions. 

NHMB: Who is your ideal client?

TD: Our couples are busy, educated professionals who understand the value of our services and appreciate it. They are the creative types who want to personalize their details and make sure their wedding isn't cookie-cutter. They are someone that I can enjoy a meal, coffee or a cocktail with because we are comfortable with each other.  

NHMB: How and when did you get into this business?

TD: As cliché as it sounds, this passion began after I planned my own wedding. I truly enjoyed every minute of it, and it sparked an interest to the point where I wanted to learn more about how I could make it a career. Inked Events was established in 2013 after six years of educating myself, networking and gaining experience in the wedding industry. 

NHMB: From mountain lodges to Seacoast beaches, what's your favorite kind of New Hampshire wedding backdrop or locale?

TD: Early in my career, I wanted to focus solely on indoor, unique spaces, but then I had my first tented wedding and I was hooked! While I still love those indoor, unique and traditional spaces, there's something about an outdoor, tented wedding that I love because you have a complete blank canvas to create something that is authentically theirs — and when there's a water view, that's just an added bonus! I feel there's something romantic and magical about a lake or ocean view.

NHMB: Of the many different aspects that go into planning a wedding, what is your favorite part?

TD: I love and seriously get giddy writing timelines when I'm figuring out how an entire day, from start to finish, is going to flow. I also love seeing all the details finally come together, so when I see the look on my couples' faces when they walk into the tent or room for the first time, it's absolutely priceless and melts my heart every time. 

NHMB: What's the most memorable wedding wedding you've ever planned?

TD: I really have favorite moments from each of the weddings that I've had the honor of being part of. Some of those moments include a couple's meticulously thought-out, choreographed first dance, or a heartfelt and emotional ceremony. On other occasions, the father of the bride speech has invoked a standing ovation and made you stop in your tracks to listen.

NHMB: What is the most challenging part of catering to specific requests? Do brides and grooms ever give you free range to create?

TD: Every wedding has its challenges, but our couples are fully participating in planning their wedding. I personally or creatively don't want them to give me free range to create — I want our design sessions to be a collaboration of my experience, vendor contacts, and ideas molded with their ideas and vision to create a wedding that is ultimately theirs and reflects them.  

NHMB: If a potential client is interested in working with you, how should they get in touch?

TD: I'd love for them to visit our website,, to check out some of our work and to see who's behind the scenes to make sure we're the right planning company for them. If they love what they see, they can send us an email at or fill out the contact form in our Contact Us section. 


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