Vendor Profile: White Mountain Cupcakery

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To help you get to know some of the top-notch bakers and other vendors working in the New Hampshire wedding scene, we at Bride are implementing a new series of vendor profiles. In each profile, we'll give you a taste of the vendor's style and some examples of their work — from their most popular flavors to their best cake designs.

Meet North Conway bakers White Mountain Cupcakery. The White Mountain team, led by Kathy Iannuzzi, are a favorite here at Bride — they have been designing cupcakes and cakes for varying events for 7 years now, and were proud winners of Food Network's Cupcake Wars in 2012. Read on to learn all about the sweet shop and the baker that helped make this delicious business take off.

New Hampshire Magazine's BRIDE: Where are you located and what is your service area?

Kathy Iannuzzi: The White Mountain Cupcakery is located in North Conway, New Hampshire, and we service all of the Mt. Washington Valley and within a sixty-five mile radius.

NHMB: How would you describe your wedding cake style?

KI: The wedding cake style that we offer at the White Mountain Cupcakery is simple yet elegant, but also country chic.

NHMB: What sort of products do you offer?

KI: We are a full-scale bake shop that offers products from cakes to cupcakes and a full-service dessert bar.

NHMB: Do you have any specific products that you sell that are a unique asset to the bakery? Do you have any products or flavors that are especially popular?

KI: The cupcakes that we offer set us apart from other bakeries. We offer flavors from our everyday menu to our featured and seasonal flavors. Our Maple Bacon is one of our signature, and most popular, flavors for the adventurous bride.

NHMB: How and when did you get into this business?

KI: Our shop has been open for 7 years now. This business all started from baking birthday cakes that weren’t the “average” cake for a child’s birthday. From word of mouth and Facebook, our creations became popular. We were on Food Network's Cupcake Wars in 2012 and won! Check out our episode: season 7, episode 4, “Magical Cupcakes.”

NHMB: What makes yours a uniquely "New Hampshire" bakery?

KI: We are a uniquely “New Hampshire” bakery because of our ability to accommodate not only locals but also our destination brides that are looking for something that is elegant, but also reflects the rustic appeal of the mountains in New Hampshire.

NHMB: Of the bakery products you make, which is your favorite to eat?

KI: It depends on my mood; red velvet is my go-to, but, when I’ve had a crazy day, the salted caramel puts me at ease. When I’m having a relaxing day, a snickerdoodle and a cup of Earl Grey tea will do the trick. (It’s kind of like picking a favorite child — you can never choose!)

NHMB: What's the most memorable wedding cake you've ever made?

KI: We have had a couple of really big ones. The Weirwood tree cake [inspired by Game of Thrones] had more than 800 hand cut leaves. This cake was so big — almost 4 feet tall and about 5 feet wide. Just the sheer size of this cake is hard to forget.

NHMB: Do you cater to specific requests, or do you prefer to create cake designs from scratch?

KI: If it is a cake that has already been done, we like to take it and interpret it into our own style — while obviously catering to what the couple would like. Any specific requests will be worked into the design of the cake.

NHMB: If a potential client is interested in working with you, how should they get in touch?

KI: Calling the shop would be the most direct way to reach us, but email will always work. Our email is ​

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