What to put in an amenity basket

It's an important and thoughtful gesture to leave an amenity basket

Anyone who has been to a wedding lately has likely seen an amenity basket in the restroom, and if you visit the restroom a few times, you see that the contents in the basket disappear rather quickly. That said, it's still an important and thoughtful gesture to leave an amenity basket, aka "crisis aversion kit," to ensure your guests' comfort.

Here's a handy list of what should be included:

ChapStick, pantyhose, lint roller, mouthwash, dental floss picks, Shout wipes, Tide-to-go stick, breath mints, Tums, gum, hand lotion, deodorant, nail file, tweezers, elastics, bobby pins, safety pins, eye drops, contact solution, tampons, panty liners, Neosporin, Advil, Band-Aids, hair spray, body spray, brush, comb, pre-pasted wrapped toothbrushes, Immodium, Kleenex, mini sewing kit with small pair of scissors, hand sanitizer, clear nail polish, Q-Tips and earring backs.

Thrifty tip: stock up on the items above at your local dollar store or by perusing the "travel" section at the local pharmacy or supercenter.

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