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Move beyond just pretty – the latest trend is to match your wedding cake to a theme, the season or your personal style.

There are seemingly infinite ways to make your wedding uniquely you – from monogramming linens to personalized keepsakes for guests.

Cakes are no exception to this rule. Rather than settling for just beautiful, many couples think long and hard about matching their dessert to the season, wedding colors, hobbies, a theme, an important moment in their lives or in any number of other creative ways.

Karen Car of Just Like Mom's Pastries has seen trends come and go, and finds that today's savvy couples are staying stylish without spending more money than they can afford.

"A lot do traditional white on white," says Car. "Something that's come back around is not using too much color." A great way to incorporate the colors of the wedding without breaking the bank is to ask the florist for any leftover flowers. Car uses them on a white cake, resulting in a gorgeous dessert that continues the color theme.

Though white on white is trendy, there are still many popular seasonal colors. For fall, says Car, "brown is the new black," and silver is much more popular than blue or white in the winter months.

Erin Gardner, owner of Wild Orchid Baking Company, agrees that simplicity is growing ever more popular.

"Lately I've been working with couples going for very clean, elegant designs, nothing too over the top," says Gardner. "Statement flowers have been big, where the cake has a design to it and then we use one big, bright, bold statement flower on the top, or offset on one of the lower tiers."

Gardner also has many couples looking to update traditional designs, oftentimes by using square-shaped cakes or a combination of square and round.

At the Well Dressed Cake, Jeanne Kalman has done her share of helping couples add an element of themselves. "More and more couples are trying to incorporate something unique to them into their cake design," says Kalman. "Be it a favorite sports team logo tucked away in some flowers or figures of beloved family pets poking around, it's nice to have that personal touch."

Not sure where to begin? Gardner recommends bringing your designer a little bit of everything.

"My advice would be to bring everything you're working on to the cake appointment – invites, patterns, linen ideas, colors, dress pictures, shoe and jewelry pictures," says Gardner. "You might not realize that the embellishment on your shoe would make the perfect cake detail, but a good designer will."

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